Monday, April 2, 2007

Scattered thoughts about planning

So my mind is really full these days as we move towards adding new elements to our financial plan. Insurance has loomed its bland face onto our horizon in the guise of a referral from one of our real estate lenders who sent us to a financial engineer who then turned out to be a life insurance agent/planner. So the whole question about our coverages came up. And this led us to the understanding that we should increase our liability coverage in the form of an umbrella policy for all of our personal holdings and seriously consider adding whole or univeral life insurance to our financial package. After two sessions, we were suddenly confronted with having to make an appointment for blood and urine screening even though we had yet to hear a quote as to how much this type of insurance would cost. In the back of my mind, I'm already thinking of Phillip Wylie and his cautionary essay on what he called Momism. After all, an insurance company is really just another financial institution designed to make and keep making money. So far, this has led me to start searching for more information before we leap any farther.

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