Saturday, April 7, 2007

Partners, an over and under view . . .

So the other day, or was it a night, I decided to take some of that advice I've been reading about how to run a blog and put it to work. So in a sense you could say that this rather loose affiliation that I'm forming with other bloggers is a partnership. One of the mind and very contemporary. Meantime, I am in a very committed partnership with T. my long time business associate, companion, lover and best friend. We have formed a corporation together, invested in real estate, married in common law, and worked side by side, sometimes cheek by jowl, for many years. We are complimentaries. She is open and friendly and filled with a boundless sort enthusiasm to do good things well. I am certainly more closed and introverted, but still quite willing to get involved. Together we form a team that on the surface would not seem to be possible. And yet, it is.

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