Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Here's a question

How come I rarely come across posts that have to do with the ecology in the personal finance blogs I read? I mean they talk about growing their own food, and spending less on doodads, but none of them mention that this is a way to save the planet.

More on this in the morning. T just came in and announced that she's ready for bed.


rachel said...

have you seen scott's blog? money blogger podcast i think it is. he does interviews about the environment and finance.

it's great to see some folks looking at the financial angle of ecology. it's an important aspect of reaching other people. sustainability won't be achieved unless it's a realistic goal for all people, not just the wealthy.

R said...

Well, I found out when I broached this subject at Get Rich Slowly that many people in the audience of personal finance blogs are conscious of this but really are leary of the wasted energy that comes from politicizing the discussion. The awareness level and the creative solutions that I got from my respondees was very gratifying because the majority expressed that same walk the line understanding that you so eloquently presented in your post.