Sunday, May 13, 2007

To rent or Sell

that is the question? Whether it be wise to lose the cash flow or wait out the down turn, these are some options. On the rent side, we are up against an over supply of competition in the same price range. The neighborhood has taken on a slightly untended look. And there are already 8 places for rent within a couple of blocks. Doesn't look good. But we are willing to upgrade the ammenities, and polish the curb appeal for the renter that fits our model. Another plus is that we aren't feeling any pressure from this because we have a backup account for up to six months without a renter.

On the sale side, the market for these units could continue to slide especially since there are newer options built and being built for the buyer that may or not be now willing to buy. We will still have to prep the unit for a sale. At least, externally. T. really thinks we should try a Lease Option sale. She likes the idea of holding a note that is secured by the property and that increases the cash flow, too. I, on the other hand, worry about all the details that doing something different entails. Ah well.

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