Friday, May 11, 2007

The fair season starts . . .

Today, our summer fair season starts. We'll drive up to OC and meet with the fair manager to sign the contracts. We've been in the concession business now for 14 years. When we started out it was just us. Me and T. Eighteen hour days, sore bodies, doing it all. We can really say we built it piece by piece. At first, it was just work. Work hard and we will make some extra money. We rented one of the family's stands. Sold organic fruits and vegetables from the stand and from tables arranged in front so the people could walk through and pick what they wanted. We were a little farmer's market and a total alternative to the usual deep fried atmosphere. Then the second year, we commissioned T's brother to build a stand that represented the ideas we wanted to sell. An old fashioned store with a porch from which the customers could see an array of our mixed fruit bowls.

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