Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Partnership: This time of year

as the summer fair season starts is when our partnership gets a real workout. Each of us is very strong individually. We make quick decisions and usually solve problems before they happen. But together, on the same job, well, sometimes we just clash. I, for one, am fairly compulsive about organization and keeping things straight. She is incredibly imaginative and sales oriented. I try to use my skills to put everything in the right place so I don't have to repeat myself. She really focuses on the end product. I delegate with the expectation that my idea will be realized. She will do everything herself if she has to, sometimes even if she doesn't. In the early years, this difference in personalities led us to some very loud and explosive interactions which we are lucky we survived.

Nowadays, we have learned to use our capabilities to work together. Each of us has a part. For example, I take the computer and the paperwork, she takes the menu and the presentation. I set up and close down. She works with the staff to develop our sales through care of the customer first. I do all the tasks I can that take only one person. She smoozes the fair execs, trains and schedules the workers, and maintains the production lines. I bring in the supplies, organize the jobs to be done and the check list that makes sure they get done on time. She finds new ways and new products to increase our company's bottom line. If you had to characterize us; I am a loner, she is the people person. But between us we have been able to come up with several creative ways to make a partnership like ours work.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you how.

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