Monday, May 7, 2007

More Deep Economy

I haven't read McKibben's first book, The End of Nature, but it is clear that whatever thoughts he brought to the state of our world then have only intensified now. But I really liked the balance that he provided in his analysis of the issues. I had to envy the travelling he did, too. I think of China and the city streets used to be crowded with bicycles not SUVs. But as he points out, countries that have used our model of endlessly expanding economy and increased efficiency are not at fault for doing so. It's just that we haven't yet, and I point to the personal financial bloggers when I think of this, shown them what to do next with all their abundance. We have a chance to model through our own efforts at controlling and understanding our personal finances to be a part of the change that may still save "the cheerleader, Save the world."

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