Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday, the 19th

Every day is an adventure so they say. Today, we started off with our setup crew missing so instead of breakfast we got sweat and groans. No that's not right. What we really got was the pleasure of doing it right, no esplainin' just clean the display, put away the fruit, get the counters set with cash registers, and smile alot while we remembered the old days when we did it all. Start at 6 AM pulling the produce from the coolers, setting up the stand, making the first of the day fruit boats, then working the back counter to keep it full of bowls for display and manning the cash registers too. Finish up at night, cleaning up and counting the day's receipts, then jumping in the truck to go to the LA Produce Market and buy the next day's produce. Back at the cooler to drop the shipment and whoopee, it's 6 AM and time to start again.

Meanwhile, more Volumetrics. Both T and I are thinking about this now. She is even testing her Jenny Craig food against it.

And I'd like to write more but my shoulder is too sore from the muscle strain I got the day before yesterday.

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