Sunday, July 15, 2007

May the milk of kindness . . .

Man oh man, what a month this last week has turned out to be. I figure I can count it that way because I have been working 20 hour days and logging sleepless nights ever since we moved up here last week. My body just flat out aches. And because I haven't been blogging, feedburner somehow has lost my feed or my email or something, my mind is chock full, as they say, of ideas and observations. It's strange though to be sitting in Borders doing this though. I miss my home office and the great sounds of while I'm composing. But . . .
so what?

Volumetrics is quite an interesting read especially if you are surrounded by fair food. One our friends, Chicken Charlie, has made a fortune the last couple of years by deep frying just about every thing in the food chain. His crispy cream hamburger was quite a hit last year. Ironically, he got his nickname because he bought a stand that sold broasted chicken which was supposed to be the alternative to deep fried southern chicken when it first came out. Still, because our stand, Terri's Berries, makes great all natural fruit smoothies, and serves up gloriously colorful fresh fruit bowls, I think I'll survive. Nerves and worries are the enemy right now. We devote about a third of our year to this business and we know it must stay successful in order for us to keep on keep'n' on. What I am discovering in Volumetrics is a way to think about food and a strategy for working on the weight loss I need to accomplish and maybe learn how to lighten the stress factor too. Fact of the day, the energy density of cottage cheese, one of my favorite foodsis 1.

Meanwhile, back to the fairgrounds, where I am spending a little time looking at the age of my contemporary stand owners. Man, they are getting old. And, the new generation, is not that young either. Too bad, because there is plenty of money and independance in this business if you are not leary of working for it.

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