Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Do you ever feel as though . . .

things are just never going to work the way they are supposed to? I have been trying for months to set up my blogs so that people could subscribe to an email version published by feedburner. And I know I'm not the most technically adept of computerists but this is ridiculous. No sooner do I discover that wordpress will actually do what I want it to do when wham the dashboard on my wordpress blog reverts to some older form and I can't use the things I had completed earlier as models for the blog I want to format. Its really easy to fall into that it's all just a waste of my time anyway feeling. If I can figure it out and then it all becomes worth it. Because then I'll have learned something that will put me one step closer to what I want to accomplish. But sometimes, don't you just get that feeling?

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