Monday, March 26, 2007


Do you suppose we really mean it when we talk about health care? Do we really mean that we should all have some version of it? If we look at the reality, we don't appear to care more than the words it takes to say it. It's like as long as we're talking about it then that's just like showing that we want it, right? Only, we don't have it, right? Wanting it isn't the same as having it.

So how can we get health care that is permanent and all encompassing, and how do we pay for it? Well, here's a thought. What if we decided that a part of our health care plan included drug counseling and education. And what if we decided that the funding for that part of the plan and the rest of our new health care package was going to be funded by the tax payer dollars that we now use to fight the war on drugs.

Would that be health caring?

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