Monday, May 17, 2010

The Ten

2010, that is. The Ten that may kill us all. Goldman Sachs, Greek debt relief, climbing housing prices, rising next to more and more foreclosures, unemployment rate at 13% for the Golden State, and Tuesday, we get to vote again as though that will make a difference. The Repugs yelling "liberal" at each other, while neither has the credibility of a snake. The Dems waiting to see if voter unease, the Tea Party, the youthful Independents will make a difference. We are broke and devoid of workable compromisable ideas. They say, the political blogs, the media punDITS, and even some of my less than knowledgeable friends, that this 2010 election year will be the one to set the tone.

Me, I am positively tone deaf. We are broke and no one has come forward that can bring back the music of hope and possibility. There is work that needs to be done. But we live in a world where those that have all the money think that it makes sense for the rest of us to live in dire need of it.

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