Monday, June 4, 2007

Lists: More things that I've been thinking about . . .

What is the real truth behind the economics of the velocity of money? Other people's money is really just our own money coming around again, isn't it? Now that the sub-prime lending industry has been acknowledged for the financial boondogle it always was what's going to happen to all those gurus who preached getting rich on no money down? Well, their seminars might go out of favor but the need that drove people to attend them will still need an outlet wont it? Meanwhile, it's now becoming apparent with the convergence at Blackstone that OPM will more than likely coming from China.

Is this one of those emergencies we should be preparing for? The growing transfer of power to China. Last month, after writing a post about Deep Economy by Bill McKibben, I decided to check out the market for reusable shopping bags for our farmer's market. I found five companies that we're ready and willing to fill my need in six to eight weeks. The time it would take their Chinese production facility to deliver my order. So there I was, faced with the same old investing dilemma with a new twist. Now I could choose to save the ecology while exploiting the slave labor market. Ha! Which comes first the world or the people in it?

Ads in our restrooms. I was cruising along being a passenger on a trip to LA when I suddenly realized that the billboard we were passing was animated. Yes, it had changed its message as we drove by. Hmmm, I thought. Technology ain't it grand. But then last night I was perusing my latest edition of the magazine for change AdBusters and came across this disturbing article. It's too far fetched isn't? Governments and corporations file sharing our private info to track us, sell us things, to further control our freedom. To what end, I wonder. Maybe this is a clear signal that that emergency fund should be moved back to its old favorite spot under the mattress.

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